First glimpses…

As promised I’ve uploading a visual of how the iido interface might look. The visual is simplified (only showing 2 lists and a single connection), but it’s a starting point for discussion. In actual fact over the last few weeks Andy and I have made several design descisions based on simple prototypes, and a more upto date version of the interface (including more visuals) will be discussed in the next blog, which is concerned with user/object interactions in particular transformations.

So to the visual…

iido interface first visual

A couple of things about the visual,

  • No tree-view association, lists can be linked in parent>child or in sibling format. However, these relationships are then shown by lines, not necessarily by position.
  • Lists are shown in a custom looking window, the window (which I call a Leaf widget) is currently the core subject of my prototyping, the idea is these can be thrown (moved), spun (rotated), resized, and minimized – the look and feel of these has changed a bit over several revisions.
  • The little colour icon on the bottom toolbar indicates that it will be possible to style individual lists, either with preset styles or individually (the resize icon should be ignored as this is something that has changed in the new prototype).
  • The visual only shows two linked to-do lists, the plan is that a Leaf may contain any sort of content, images, a list of contacts, flow digrams, spreadsheets…

So hopefully this will spark something in you guys, even if it’s abject hatred, let me have it all.


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