iido leaf transformations

A little later than I hoped but I’ve finally got round to recording a short demo of the progress I have made on the iido project. The demo shows basic implementations of the four core transformations possible for leaf widgets,

  • movement,
  • rotation,
  • resizing,
  • and z-level stacking.

I apologise in advance for the quality of the video, I will look to provide higher quality alternatives in future as youtube tends to reduce the quality far to much for my purpose. Oh, and I’m really not sure why, but my screen grabber has tinged everything green.

There is still a lot of refinement to do, but I’m hoping to have a usable demo available in the next few weeks to allow people to experience leaf widgets for themselves and provide me with some initial feedback.

The next stage of development is to change the cursor when the user is transforming a widget to help guide them, simple as it sounds, I made a complete hash of my first attempt. After that I’m going to put in place a few helper actions on the context menu, such as “Straighten” to reset the angle of a leaf widget, and also look into providing the ability to change the pivot around which a leaf rotates.

You may have noticed that the transformation system has changed quite a bit since my first proposal, and these changes have come about through trial and error to see what feels natural to me, a better assessment can be made once I have feedback from those who download the first available demo.


1 Response to “iido leaf transformations”

  1. 1 webdeveloperboy August 3, 2008 at 1:45 am

    Looks like your making tonnes of progress mate! Will be interesting to see what difference having image cursors for each of the different movements. Look forward to seeing the next update!

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